Funny lockdown videos and memes compilation

Staying at home during the quarantine was/continues to be a challenge for many people, although it was a little easier for introverts like me for whom social isolation is not very difficult and is sometimes even preferred. One thing that helped keep me sane was keeping in touch with friends and family through various social media. Through WhatsApp, Viber, and Facebook Messenger, messages were exchanged, everyone checking in on everyone else to see how they were coping.

Humor is a great way to deal with difficult situations, and during the lockdown it was no different. Funny videos and memes were created by the humorous and the creative, and enabled us to laugh during maybe the most serious period in our lifetime. I’ve compiled some of my favorites in this video, also as a reminder that it’s good to try to find whatever way we can to smile and laugh during hardship.

Funny Lockdown Videos & Memes Compilation

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